Edward Copestick / Guillaume Cornet / Ollie Khedun / Vincent & Kristell / Renny Wijeyamohan

To tell an authentic and beautiful story of the world, It’s really about choices.

First, picking filmmakers that have an obvious cinematographic talent that suit the brand and project.
Choosing cameras, lenses and light that heighten the experience for viewers, evoking the emotional response that we collectively choose.

The choice to be storytellers, always striving to capture that true essence of travel and adventure that has undoubtedly touched us all.
Music and sound design choices made carefully and wisely, further generating the feelings we design for our audiences.

Choosing editors who compose the rhythms of an experience or adventure, creating a seamless, unnoticeable flow.
And colour, yes colour is a really important choice to us. Another often overlooked contributor to the unconscious engagement of audiences.

All of these choices are an essential part of the art, but we can not overlook another integral choice we must make.
The choice to collaborate with like-minded, ethically aligned and passionate people.
We’ve made this choice and are ecstatic for it.